Wilson J. Ong Studios is where you will find unique artworks painted in a traditional classical manner.

My website is currently under construction. Thank you for being patient as we make improvements. If you would like to look through some of my work, please go to my Facebook page: Wilson J. Ong.

My contact page is fully functional, if you would like to contact me this way.

New Work

Most Recent Show at West End Gallery in Corning, NY
October 18, 2019-November 22, 2019


In Action

Below are examples of my painting process. I’ve also included my thoughts through each phase.


“No Entry”

This is a close up of the first photo and shows some of the brushwork. I used a rag and q-tips to remove paint and blend the strokes. I was interested in this particular pose for the tilt of his head and the unique angle. Of course the suspicious and wary appearance on his face was an important part of the concept that I wanted to emphasize with this piece of work.
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“More Please”

I began by blocking out major areas of lights and darks to establish the overall design. Then I proceeded to lay in the figure with my brush.
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