Basic Portrait Procedure

The following is an outline of what is needed from each client. I prefer to work from life, but I respect the schedules of each client to guide the process. During our initial meeting any adjustments to the following schedule can be discussed.


Speak with client and get to know their character. Discuss the image that the client wishes to convey. Afterwards a photo-session is held. Time involved: 1-2 hours.


Approve photographs and take supplementary stills if needed. Time involved: 1-2 hours.


If the portrait is at least a ¾ figure, a color study will be executed prior to this meeting. Color study is presented and approved by Client. Client then poses for a color study of their head (hands if necessary). Time involved: 2-3 hours.

-All approved information (notes, sketches, photos) are taken to my studio, where the portrait is executed.Time involved:This will vary according to my workload at that time and the client’s needs.

-A photograph or images by e-mail of the completed portrait will be sent. Client is contacted and the portrait is discussed. Any changes, if necessary, are noted.


Delivery of portrait by artist and adjustment of any subtle details if necessary. Time involved: 0-2 hours

*The procedure for a portrait executed from life would be approached similarly to the above, with the addition of live sittings. For example, a portrait bust would require a minimum of five sittings at two hours each session. Time requirements for more complex portraits would be addressed against relative needs. I am comfortable working in my studio or on site.


Head and Shoulders $3000
3/4 Figure $6000
Full Figure $9000

-A 25% discount is given for each additional figure in the same painting.

-Flexibility in pricing is given to paintings including more than four individuals.

Travel, lodging, shipping, and framing costs are additional ( as is sales tax, if applicable).